Writing Elsewhere

I have written elsewhere on this big wide internet webs. You can find some of my articles below.


June 7, 2016: Journey On Today Devotion with Brentwood Baptist Church, Nashville, TN

December 17, 2014: Are You Longing For More? with SingleRoots

January 13, 2014: Living Into Your Passion (Or How Peyton Manning is a Beast and You Can Be One, Too) with SingleRoots

December 19, 2013: We’re Not Made to Be Alone with SingleRoots

November 11, 2013: Have You Considered the Legacy You are Leaving? with SingleRoots

October 7, 2013: There’s Not a Lot of Money in This Single Person’s Pocket with SingleRoots

September 16, 2013: Battling Single Syndrome in the Workplace with SingleRoots

August 15, 2013: When Your Date Doesn’t Share Your Faith with SingleRoots

July 25, 2013: Online Dating: The Insecurity Counselor with SingleRoots

March 1, 2013: Lenten Devotional Series with Belmont University