Busted Tails and Lame Men

Last week I busted my tail bone. Flat out busted it, purple bruise, couldn’t sit straight for days. Let me tell y’all, it was not fun in the least. Almost a week later and it’s still hard to sit directly on it. I do not recommend busting it, ever.

If you are anything like me, when you are busted up or sick you really don’t want anyone around you or to ask for help. Yo don’t want to be seen as in need. Maybe it is just me, trying to remain independent and not be seen as helpless or in need of anyone but myself.

32926-support-illness-1200.1200w.tnBut what happens when we reach out for help? When we seek healing in the form of others’ assistance? We remind ourselves that we cannot do this alone and we are a dependent being.

In Acts 3 we see Peter coming off the sermon in the temple. The same Peter who weeks before had denied knowing Christ is now the Peter preaching His salvation and our need for Him. I love that…another beautiful picture of redemption. As Peter and John go into prayers at the temple they come across a man at the gate begging for money, unable to walk and dependent upon others to carry him there and others to give money either as they entered the gates or as they left. (The man was smart about where he put himself to ask for money due to his inability to walk)

Peter and John engaged him as they walked by, they wanted him to look them in the eye. Something that he probably thought odd since at that time a disability was a way to not look at someone, to not see them as human-often how many are seen even now. He wasn’t seeking healing but was merely seeking to settle for what had been his lot in life.  But Peter and John recognized the deeper healing that was needed, the healing of his heart, a renewal of his body in the strength of Christ and not money, or men. So not in their own power or authority but fully in Christ’s they tell him to get up, and he does.

I find that in my own times of desperate need I don’t ask for what it truly is I do need because I am blinded by the tangible in front of me. I am praying about this thing when He’s pointing to the deeper root of healing. He’s sending people in His power in my path to point me to the healing I need but I often am so focused on this thing that I miss it. What if this guy had missed it with Peter and John, focusing only on obtaining money from them to exist rather than to receive full restoration for the real hurt to be healed?

What if instead of walking past those hurting we fully see a hurt that we can speak healing into through Christ’s strength and power? Instead of denying others that privilege of helping us heal we allow ourselves the ability to share about our hurts, our wounds, our lame legs and weak hearts? What if we stopped trying to hide our wounds, our hurts and we started living into full healing that comes through Christ and His people?


We’ve All Got Bruises.

People will say what they will. Don’t let those words define you.

I’ll be honest. I struggle with that. I mean strug-gle. People wield words like swords to cut and wound. It is astounding to see that in my 30s. From people of all ages. Older. Younger.

Am I guilty of it too? YES.

Does it absolutely suck to admit that? To reflect that I have bought into that cycle too? Absolutely.

I had to admit it to myself though first. To admit I have used words, the gift of my words that has been given me to wound others. I believed them true. In my hurt and in my pain. I had a lot of bruises. I wanted nothing more to talk about them. To point at them and tell you how they came to be.

Recently I have learned of some words that were spoken of me, by someone I held respect for. I immediately wanted to react. I felt myself rising up with such anger and frustration that this person would take liberties with my character the way they did. Then I remembered that wasn’t the response I wanted to have. Deep down I wanted to stop, remember those words don’t define me until I choose to live into them. So I decided right then the bruise may be there, but I didn’t have to inflict the next one.

I also didn’t have to wear it as a badge of honor. I can heal, forgive and learn from it. It’s a choice I think we all have to make in life. In confronting the tension in what others say about us and whether we choose to live into that or not. Choosing to believe the ugly that others project onto us will only make their perception our truth.

What would it look like if we…if I chose to not buy into their words and instead lived out what I am called to be? A servant and lover of others.

Am I serving through my words?

Am I loving others with my words?

Those are the two questions I am asking myself each time. Each morning. In the tense moments. In the moments I want to wound back. In the times I get hurt.

I am a work in progress. As are each one of us. I think we need to remember that a bit more in our lives and our interactions and with our words. I think I need to remember that most of all. If that lesson and this thought adjustment had to come from that bruise, then I am glad for it. What that individual meant for harm, God meant for good.

That’s not something I remember at the time, but I am beginning to…and beginnings are good.