What a Fitness Class Taught Me

About 18 months ago I walked into a group fitness room at the Y scared out of my mind. It’s a source of anxiety for me to try something new like that alone. But I thought that January was a good time to try something out since there would more than likely be other people checking out group fitness classes.

If you know anything about me or have read this blog any over those last 18 months I have made mention of that fitness class, because it’s been a constant since that time. I have been doing POUND for that long but even more than that, I have developed friendships that go beyond a class at the Y. Female friendships y’all. Which you know is a struggle for me in many ways as well.


But these women, well they motivate, support, challenge and encourage like no other women I know. We talk all kinds of life stuff when we can catch our breath, we choose to spend time with one another outside of the gym, and we yell at each other when we don’t show up at the gym (hi, I got a barrage of poo emojis sent to me because I skipped last week).

But most of all, walking into that class has brought me confidence in being me. In seeing that I am more than an elliptical hugging introvert. That my body can and will go further than I set it’s limitations to be. That it does not matter what I look like when I enter, but how I feel when I leave (except for last night and “hot POUND” as we called it). It’s about knowing I can show up and do, or sit back and complain. It is about opening up myself to more by just showing up and being willing. It’s about looking to others to join you on that journey, and wanting other women to know what it feels like to be welcomed.

So this is my ode to POUND today, and the people it has brought into my life, and the ways it’s made me stronger beyond just a physical means. It’s the Rise of the Rebel, and boy are we about that rebel life ’round here.

I’m Loving It

It’s Saturday and here in Nashville the sun is shining and it’s supposed to warm up….why not share some things I am loving right now? You know, other than a good run outside. Cause last weekend I got in seven miles and it was glorious!


It sounds ridiculous but I love a fitness class. Mondays never looked so good than ending the day doing this. It’s fun, it’s a workout (yes, I hurt after) but I look forward to it. ABC News did a story on it and it provides insight on the class, and how it is more than a trend. New release music along with weighted sticks and fast cardio.

Judah and the Lion

This new release from Judah and the Lion, Folk Hop N Roll, is outstanding and completely different. It was released yesterday and I cannot stop listening to it. All day I had it in my ears and I think you should too. I jammed it while I ran, lifted and worked on travel itineraries. Don’t miss this album and the absolute gold that it is. All the way through.

DNCE’S Cake by the Ocean

Speaking of fun music, this song y’all. It’s one of the routines from POUND class and I just cannot stop listening to this song. When I looked up the band, I was shocked to see another Jonas brother behind a song I really like. They are super sneaky like that (also, get Nick’s album because yes). I love some pop music, always have and probably will when I am 80 if it gets me tapping my fingers.


I was looking for something new to read as my current options were getting a bit worn. I thought I’d try some memoirs from female comedians I enjoy but instead of reading I got the audio books. With about 90 minutes of commuting each day, and running/working out several times a week I have loved listening to them! I have tried leadership books on audio and hated them, but comedic memoirs, yes! I loved Mindy Kaling’s book far more than Amy Poehler’s…I just kept expecting more from Poehler and it never got there. Mindy though, I feel like she and I are friends now in some common ideas.

Stepping Out

Right now I am stepping out of my comfort zone on some things and I am loving it. I am exploring some different ways to write, how to explore creativity and not accepting less than producing content. I am also seeking how to widen my net of community. It’s scary and full of possible rejection, but instead of having a negative perspective on it I am choosing positive turns on it. So I encourage you to go beyond the norm for yourself, find a challenge and pursue it, no matter what criticisms come.