Beast Mode (or my article on Peyton Manning today)

Yesterday I watched with nervousness as the Denver Broncos narrowly beat the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Playoffs. If you’re new around these parts or don’t know me very well, I love football. and baseball. and college basketball. and tennis. But hockey? You can keep it.

I am also a huge Broncos fan (and loathe the Chargers…because Philip Rivers, that’s why). So why does this all matter? Well first off, the Chargers have been a thorn in the Broncos side for a while…and in Peyton Manning since his days with the Colts, especially in the playoffs. Secondly, because I knew this article was getting published today over on Single Roots and I really didn’t want to be a jinx. Yes, I am serious. We sports fans have weird superstitions and such…but it’d only be weird if they didn’t work.

I am talking about passion, living it out, and how you can be your own Peyton Manning in that. So go give it a read, and then continue reading below…


Let me add a little something if you are coming from Single Roots on over here about the column this week…after the game yesterday the reporter grabbed Peyton as he headed off to the locker room and began the barrage of questions. Her last one? “So let me be the first to ask about Manning vs. Brady next week.” Peyton’s response was such a nod to this article I couldn’t have made it up if I tried. “Well first off it’s Broncos vs. Patriots, and second we’ll start work on that tomorrow. Right now, we’re going to go enjoy this victory.”

So when you do start hitting those milestones, those markers in living out your passion, don’t forget to celebrate as a team. Take a moment to enjoy the moment with those around you…and know you aren’t alone when you go up against the next opponent.

Sailing Takes Me Away

This post is a little out of the norm here on my blog, but it’s something worth sharing. If you can’t share on your own blog, then where can you share?


This is my cousin Randy and his wife Angela. Randy has probably one of the most interesting life stories of anyone I know. In all honesty though, I think everyone’s life story is interesting (because it’s not my own). Randy was always the cool cousin who lived at the beach. He set off after high school to be a lifeguard at the beach. He did that for a few years, when he met Angela. They fell in love, married, and have two amazing sons.

Both have worked hard and long for years, like many Americans. They saw one son join the Marine Corps and is now on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. They worry and fret like any parent would. Randy had a passion, a dream of one day building a boat and sailing it.

You know what he did? He started on that dream. He saved, he scraped, and he sanded his 12018_4795074398725_689999902_nway to what he wanted to pursue. At this very moment, as I type this, he and Angela are sailing the boat he built by hand (from wood on my uncle’s farm) to Costa Rica to live permanently. They will journey for three weeks to their new home they have constructed on the water. This is their new learning phase in life. I am excited for them both, and love seeing someone’s Start cycle around. It also doesn’t hurt that I got an invite to come visit once they are all setup at their new home…and I am one of a very few in the family who has a passport.

I think one thing we don’t talk enough about is a continued pursuance of a dream. We start so often with good intentions, but get mired in the day-to-day, the fears, the busyness of life. Right now, my cousin is sailing after years of toiling, of scrapping plans, and replacing boards. Many hours went into this, along with work that he enjoyed but didn’t look like his dream. He started though. He continued to start, not knowing what the finish line looked like for him. My hope is that inspires you to start on what you’ve been putting off.

Now I’m off to start saving for a visit to lovely Costa Rica, but I’ll be traveling via plane thankyouverymuch.