Resolutions, Words and Prayers.

new-years-resolutions-goals-ss-1920I think we all can agree on resolutions in the new year…they tend to be made with good intentions and often we find by next week we aren’t really doing too well with them, and we give up. Several years ago I joined the OneWord365 community where you pick a word to be the theme of your year. That’s often one I find I can stick to as well until around April or May, then revisit in the fall. I may even venture into another word theme for the year as I keep having a word pop up on my heart and mind for 2018, especially as I reflect back on 2017, as we are want to do these early days of a new year.

This year I wanted more of a prayer for my life. I am walking into this year knowing there are things I will accomplish and goals I want to set for myself. One in particular is getting certified to teach POUND fitness classes. I have been taking those classes for two year, growing to love it and the community it has brought. Another is to finish writing my book and have it submitted to literary agents. It’s a big goal but one I have carried year to year for a bit too long.

But the more I thought on this new year I couldn’t help but feel this pull to have a prayer for the year. For each month, each week, each day and even each moment. I desired to bring me back to the recognition of His Presence in moments, in situations, in my life in all things. I stumbled upon the words of someone as I was thinking through what my prayer would be, and it hit exactly where I was desiring to be in 2018.

Let me approach each moment as one God has appointed for His glory.

I don’t know about anyone else but that prayer, those words, were meant exactly for me to carry, to ruminate on, to pray fervently for throughout 2018. I want to cling to them and the moments He has appointed for me. Each and every one.

The hard ones? Yep.

The doubting ones? You got it.

The mundane ones? Um yeah.

The joyful ones? Oh yes.

And I have found that already I am running to those words as I begin to encounter moments where I can’t quite figure out why I’m in it, or how I should navigate it. Let me approach it knowing He has appointed it…not for me and my self, but for Him and His glory. It doesn’t mean all the moments will be good or #blessed.

It does mean I will need to look for Him in the moments, the days, the weeks, the months ahead, being proactive in seeking Him rather than retrospective of seeing Him when looking back.┬áBecause we aren’t too far gone from Christmas, and the reason for the season, Immanuel Himself. God with us. He is with me in all things, if I approach it with Him, if I pray to seek Him, preparing before any and every thing to know He is in control, He is good even when I fail at keeping my resolutions.

Do you have a resolution? A word for 2018? Or even a prayer or mission statement for your life? Or even a Scripture? I’d love to hear about it, so share below!

Color Me a Runner

So for the last 6 months I have been on this running kick. Not that I am really running, but getting into a regime of training to run. It is a habit I never picked up on, even though I was athlete for many years of my life. I just hated running…and I played tennis y’all.

Nashville is a runner’s town. This place is full of them and they are everywhere. So I have set off twice now to train to run a race. And I have failed twice. I get about 6 weeks in and inevitably get sick…I wish I was joking but I am not.

imagesSo starting today I am restarting my training. I want to live fully into my One Word for this year and commit to this. My whole reason for sharing this with you all, is that life is lived in community, and y’all are my community. An announcement was just made that the Color Run is returning to Nashville in March. Registration opens on January 15th and it will close out fast. The last one didn’t make it through early bird registration. It’s a ton of fun, and you can walk or run it. My goal is to run it, but why not have this be my first one?

Would you consider joining me and signing up as Team Commit?

OneWord 2013

Last year I chose one word to carry throughout the year, to allow it to be what defined all that I did. For 2012 that word was Stretch, and you can read more about it here. If you are unsure what OneWord is, feel free to check out this resource.

This year the word just popped in my head as I was driving on my holiday journeys throughout the ten days I was out of Nashville. Over that time, I would come back to the word and dwell on it, thinking of the impact it was already having in my life. I prayed over the word in order to lay it at God’s feet and allow Him to use it as well.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you will see that I posted some photos yesterday that revealed the word in the hopes of having accountability on this. (Photos are a huge part of who I am so it allows me to be creative through other outlets.) For 2013 the One Word will be


In doing a Google search and looking on Pinterest (at the suggestion of another blogger), I was able to capture some images and definitions that are amazing. This definition struck out at me the most when looking through all the meanings of the word commit: to carry into action deliberately.

What a powerful thought and definition for 2013! Another definition is to obligate or pledge oneself and I can think of no better way to be for the year.

So what’s your OneWord for 2013? Share below or link to your blog. Check out my Pinterest board for my OneWord here.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans. -Proverbs 16:3