That Post-Resurrection Life

Last week I posted alot about Holy Week, culminating in Resurrection Sunday. We make much of this day in Christianity as it’s the day Christ arose from the grave to pronounce victory for all over death and sin. We no longer have to worry about the bondage of sin, but instead we live lives of freedom found in Christ.

Easter is a celebratory time, and rightfully so.  We celebrate and live into that which we could not do, ever, knowing He is our Redeemer.

But here’s the thing, as I walked through this week and all the post-Holy Week living. I dug into Acts a bit, even as Christ ascended and the disciples are now left with much-including the Holy Spirit with them and in them.

I looked at Peter, Silas, and the others who were witness to Christ’s workings. As Pentecost came, so did God’s Presence in the Holy Spirit upon them. Not preaching the gospel, but speaking praises of His wondrous works. They weren’t witnessing to all those who had gathered around as the rushing wind drew them in, nope. They were giving praise, speaking it from words they had never spoken before thanks to the gifting of the Holy Spirit.

So that got me thinking, as I walked through this week post-Resurrection Sunday, when all the candy went on sale, the joyous nature of what’s coming had ebbed, and the very felt Presence may be waning for you. Maybe it doesn’t feel like much of a celebration now, in the week after. That praises continue to pour forth out of mouths which now face death, doubts, frustrations, worries and this post-Resurrection life in the day to day.

Do we grow used to the Resurrection the other 364 days a year?

That was the question posed on Sunday by David Hannah. One that has struck me over and over again this week, as I live out life in Christ and through Him. Am I living a “used to the Resurrection” life every other day but Easter Sunday? What does it even look like to live a Resurrected Life?

Well it means we aren’t beholden to the death that sin promises anymore. We aren’t buried under the weight of the world’s stresses, cries and defeats. We are alive in Him who defeated the grave and gave us life abundant. We aren’t bound to identities in anything but in Him.

But yet we choose the mourning cloths and embalmed rags of a life we once knew instead of the resurrected one in which we have with Christ, in His redemption. So maybe we need that reminder that praises come forth even when we may still be wondering, when we may still doubt and have fears…when Christ has told us explicitly of things to come and yet He also gave us life anew.

High Impact

Live out who you were designed to be.

Too often I live out what the fears, the doubts, and the inadequacies tell me to be. I live out what the lies would have me to believe about myself. When I live this way, I live out in such a small insignificant way that impacts no one.

Until two weeks ago.

That Friday changed things for me. Friday was an entire hinge moment spanning 24 hours. It came with me missing an opportunity that God had been working on my heart about for months. I’d committed myself to it, then circumstances shifted and I wasn’t able to fulfill something I had been planning to be a part of.

Then an email came. This email blew the hinges off a rather heavy door I’d used to compartmentalize alot of my life into for the last while. I was humbled in many ways by this email. Why you may ask? Because it came from a student that in reality I did not feel I had much interaction with. This individual told me how much I had impacted them over the last few months. I was a complete mess upon reading the email, internalizing the knowledge of how my seemingly small time commitment to this student had such an impact on them above others that they had chosen me to say these words to via email.

Then I started to reflect on why this was throwing me for a loop (still kind of is as I stop to reflect)…why did this student being honest with me about my work with them unhinge me? Over the last few weeks I have attempted intentional living. Living out who God designed me to be, in all facets of my life. Living out a life that emptied me daily of who I am and filled me instead with Who God desires me to be, the reflection of His Son. There are days I utterly fail at this, and am so filled with my own self that my stubbornness won’t allow God to empty me. But I have noticed the heart change in me, and no longer just behavior management that had been going on for a while. It’s been a transformation of the heart and manifestations of Him in me.

I would truly rather fail at living out who God designed me to be and something that matters, than succeed at a false self and things that do not matter. I would rather impact one, because it’s not about quantity it’s about quality.