The Fort and the Legacy

The Saturday adventuring continued this weekend, as I went “home” to Knoxville. Having lived there for 12 years through college, grad school and post-grad life it became my home. It’s always good to go back and see how it’s changed, and some of the things that stay the same, visit family and friends, and enjoy it as a little respite from life. Next week I will celebrate five great years in Nashville, and this week two years in my own home (hooray!) so I thought it was right to get back to Knoxville where these big plans of life all started.

My sister and I decided to jaunt out to James White Fort in honor of Statehood Day on June 1, celebrating 220 years. While ridiculously hot (hi June in the South) it was really cool to see the juxtaposition of the oldest building in the state against the backdrop of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, downtown, and the Tennessee River.


It was a great weekend filled with time well spent thinking on the legacy we are leaving now for people to see two hundred years from now. What are we building in our lives, our homes, the people around us that leaves a lasting imprint like this? What will people read about and discover about us centuries into the future?

Top Five Friday-The Knoxville Edition

Shout to Annie for the inspiration on these posts on Fridays. Check out hers this week on her favorite iPhone apps.

I lived in Knoxville 12 years (with one year in Birmingham thrown in there for good measure) so needless to say I grew an affinity for the city that taught me how to drive aggressively, opened my eyes to music that I love, and where orange is a part of your every day attire. After visiting a couple of weekends back, I realized there were some favorites I have in Knoxville. I thought I would share them here with you, for the city that I love and miss on occasion…(Nashville I still love you, but it’s a new kind of love)

  1. The proximity to the Smoky Mountains.
    Seriously…it’s a 20 minute drive to some of the best views in the world. I would take a random Friday off during the school year and go up to hike. The last time I did it, I didn’t realize it would  be my last time hiking in the Smokies before I moved to Nashville (love it, but these aren’t hiking trails ’round here)
  2. Trio Cafe
    One of my favorite places to eat ever. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. It’s situated on Market Square perfectly and has the best staff around. I have never, ever had a bad meal or bad experience here. It’s  a must every time I visit Knoxville. I am not kidding, ask my sister.
  3. Bijou Theatre
    Most everyone else will tell you the Tennessee Theatre is a must-see. I prefer the smaller venue across the street. I have sat in every section of that facility and it’s still by far my favorite in Knoxville. Sorry Tennessee Theatre, your bathrooms are ridiculously hard to navigate. Plus it has the added bonus of the fact I have been backstage to see Marc Broussard do sound check.
  4. Downtown Grill and Brewery
    This place holds a very special place in my heart. Anyone that knows me from Knoxville knows this was my place. It was my very own Cheers in downtown Knoxville. Many a memory has been made there. My favorite? The night I saw Will Overstreet (swooooon) and never spoke to him.
  5. McKay’s (the Orig)
    Nothing beats the original McKays in the cramped converted restaurant building on Kingston Pike. Oh those were the days. I went on a first date there. Those were the days.