Blessings of Friends

I wanted to share that I am over on Journey On today sharing on a passage in Numbers with regards to healthy relationships. I hope you’ll take the time to read the devotion and think about the passage.

It meant so much to me to write this one as I value friendships highly, the people God has placed in my life are so rich with joy, passion, care and love. I know the ones I have in my life at this very moment He has ordained to be blessed, and I get the honor of praying blessings over them. It made me realize just how much friendships matter and how we can be more than to our friends.

How we encourage, support and bless our friends matters…it speaks to Who He is in the midst of it all.

Also I encourage you to read through this week’s devotions on the site and invite you to walk through this study of healthy relationships, as it’s been an eye-opening and soul-gutting look at what healthy is defined as in light of God’s Word.