My One Word 365 for 2014

It’s January 3rd. It’s Friday. Previously I would be posting my favorite things on here, with possibly even a giveaway. But this year I thought I’d share with you a bit on something I have done the previous year and plan to do again this year.

Yesterday I talked a little about One Word 365. Last year that word was Commit. Boy that one stung to look back at for fairly obvious reasons. So we’ll leave it in 2013.

For 2014 I had a word jump out at me weeks ago. As much as I tried to redirect to another word, one that maybe didn’t push so much from the get-go. Not likely…this word kept popping back up over and over. So I accept the reality of needing this word for the year. I am excited already as I have been living in this word and have a specific plan for January.

My word is GROW. 1530368_10101935632034775_951130546_nThere are so many avenues where this hits my heart. So many spaces that need growing. The word excites me, and scares me at the same time. I gave great consideration to this and how I wanted it to influence every bit of me this year. So I began breaking it down into realistic parts to pursue each month.

For January, that looks like growing in my writing. That means reading on writing, expanding my writing platform, and also cultivating my writing into the first chapter of the book I plan to complete this year. Why am I sharing this here?

Well I am already on the 30 Days of Hustle with 3,000 of my closest friends and my favorite encourager/hustler/truth-speeker, Jon Acuff, to grow my writing in this specific writing. But I also need y’all to know that means more writing on here. It will also mean a big change in what this blog looks like moving forward. I know I promised that two months back, but the holidays hit with a frenzy and I decided to revel in that and address the shape of my blog in the new year.

I also wanted to share others around the blogosphere in case you wanted inspiration and also so you can check out some fantastic dreamers and builders!

Linda Goodall’s Word is Stillness.

Allison Buzard’s Word is Rest.

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