But First, A Word from God

I love books. The fact that I currently have a stack on my bedside table just to read in the next couple of w

I review books as a blogger for a publishing company and I find solace in roaming through bookstores and piles of old books in thrift stores. My library card could have caught fire with how I burn that thing up using it so often.

scripture-and-psychologyBut the problem occurs when I put the words of even well-intentioned Christian authors ahead of Scripture. I can read about getting out of a pit, about loving others through what I do, and realizing the freedom I have in Christ. Yet, if I am not digging into His Word first? Well, then I am robbing myself of actual Truth.

Since Secret Church I have kept coming back to one particular area that David Platt taught on-the goodness of the Bible. And y’all, it is good. It brings us to Him directly instead of us relying upon another to reveal something to us. Just this morning I was really wanting to pour back into the book I am currently reading on friendships instead of the digging back into the book of Acts. Then I realized that I was placing more emphasis on someone else’s words, even a fellow sister in Christ, instead of Scripture itself, God’s very word to me.

There are days when I don’t feel like digging into His word, the hard of it. The messy of it. But it’s His truth, His divine words for me and for you for our lives and for His glory. When I put other’s words ahead of His? Well I start making myself a disciple of that person rather than of Him. (p. 125, Secret Church) I also miss out on the purpose God has for me for my life, because it is right there in Scripture. I give the glory that He is due and give it to that author, that writer, even to myself.

Please don’t hear me say that reading is bad, or that using resources by authors to draw God’s word out is a bad thing. But we first must come to His Word instead of that book. We have to devote ourselves to digging into what He says about Himself to then see how to become more like Him and less like ourselves.

Finding Your Fringe, a Book Review

Sometimes, in this lovely little bubble of creatives here in Nashville, I get the opportunity to preview a book before it’s released. I must say, I am overjoyed when that happens because not only does it allow me to pour into another author’s work, but it also let’s me peek into what the process is all about. Over the last month I have been posting some things with the hashtag Fringe Hours. Today I am going to share why that is. Jessica N. Turner is releasing a book TUESDAY by that exact same name and I believe every woman should pick this book up. Why, you ask? Well because of this particular line specifically:

Because judging others is toxic to our souls. It does not help us. It only hurts us, poisoning our thoughts and preventing us from enjoying what we do have. (p.66)

If that doesn’t make you download it on your Kindle or run out to Barnes & Noble, then I give you this one, that I keep coming back to over and over again.

No one is actually keeping score on what you are doing and not doing. (p.67)

Did you catch that? You have permission to take your Fringe Hours and do something with them. It might mean writing (like myself) or it could be a sewing project, baking cookies, watching that DVR’d Hallmark movie or taking a lap around the neighborhood. Jessica goes through step by step ways in which you can reclaim those Fringe Hours that we often seem to misplace in our lives. It doesn’t mean you walk away more busy, more stressed or fraying at the ends. No it means being okay with what you want and doing just that in those pockets of time. For me, I started seizing my lunch hour three days a week (when I can) to work out. Do I stress myself out when I don’t make the class? Not as much as I used to because I know that I will simply find another outlet in which to express myself physically later on. It’s not one more thing she’s asking you to do. Jessica touches a heart that beckons for taking back time you once had and not feeling guilty about it. It’s finding that restful spot where you heart and mind are at peace. Some weeks you may find there simply aren’t any Fringe Hours-Jessica walks you through that season as she reflects on those in her own life. This book is one for us all, regardless of life stage, marital status or age. Use your own Fringe Hours to read this insightful piece from Jessica N. Turner and allow your schedule to be a reflection of you, not a perfect standard no one can fulfill.

Join the Winter Bloom Collection that is reading through Fringe Hours here. Pre-order Fringe Hours at Amazon. Pre-order Fringe Hours on Barnes & Noble.