Too much of a good thing can be bad for you right? Candy. Soda. Television. All good things but ultimately too much can give you diabetes, weight gain, slovenliness and lethargic tendencies.

I know I tend to overindulge sometimes…binge-watching a certain television drama, white chocolate candy corn M&Ms or social media. All good things in themselves, but there are times (to the point of sickness with the M&Ms) where I harm with the abundance of indulging.

Not so though when it comes to our faith in Christ. As I dig into Paul’s letter to Colosse, nestled among his exhortations to them to stand firm against the Gnostics I find him encouraging them (and us) to continue to walk in Him and abound in that faith with thanksgiving. If you blink you miss it there tucked into the end of verse 7.

“Rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.” (NKJV)

Oh goodness those few words have gripped me today…Abounding in it. With thanksgiving. What an image, of being rooted in Him as this is already established and the use of past tense means it has happened already as believers. I am rooted. You are secured to Him. We are built up and established, as this is ongoing-a growth process. These verbs speak of present tense which means continual and not something we’ve already obtained as we walk this journey in Him.

But then we get to abounding. We get to this word of plentiful abundance, existing in great quantities of faith. It is ongoing too. It is present and it is future. It is an assurance that it’s accomplished in Him and through in us, by His great love. That we are full of faith in Him-a faith secure and rooted-that we overflow with thanksgiving at the thought of it.

DSCN2154Abounding has a derivative in Latin that means a surge or wave-like. The image I see when looking at abounding in faith with thanksgiving now is the surge of faith, waves being ever present and continual on a beach. This visual of waves both coming in and going out, but always present and flowing, existing in abundance. That’s what our faith is. It’s what it should be, in every season and every moment. When we are rooted, building up our faith in Him we find there’s always a surge of faith available.

I don’t know about you but the simple phrase of “abounding in it with thanksgiving” brings about a truth spoken deep within this believer to see who He is and what faith in Him in the journey can bring a person. It’s a welling, a filling, a continual abundance of faith in testing, trials, joys and celebrations. It’s abundance with thanksgiving, for we know it’s not from us nor was it created by us, but it’s in Him. A faith that overflows.