Who is this lady?

A little about me…

I have avoided for too often giving this area any attention. As my reader base grows, and I pursue this passion for writing more intently I thought I should share a little about me.

My writing is often times faith driven. Faith is a large part of what makes me up, causes me to wrestle, and defines the path I choose daily. I live in Nashville, TN. Yes I own cowboy boots, but no, I don’t wear them everywhere. I thrive in hipster nation and love every minute of it. Music is a huge part of my life, and my seasons often have soundtracks. I listen when I write, when I drive, when I work. It’s my own heartbeat. I am a former Higher Education professional, who is passionate about the development of women into who God intended them to be at creation.

I love my amazing sister!

I am the youngest of two and have been graced with parents who are still married. I am the sister to a great woman. She’s become a good friend and confidante, eventhough she vacuumed up my hair when I was 10. I am the aunt to the two greatest superheroes of all time that spend their downtime as nephews: The Toothless Wonder and Captain Chaos.

I am a budding foodie…I have an obsession with Top Chef and great food. I have way too many cookbooks and not enough time. Most of all, I love trying new places and new plates. Nashville is becoming a culinary dream with food trucks, fine dining, and trends in the market.

I watch ridiculously bad television, and very artsy films. I love westerns with my dad on a Saturday afternoon and a good football game on a Sunday. I live for baseball season and give all the glory of a blessed life to God. I have the best friends scattered across this amazing earth and I hope to one day wind up in England for a good long spell.

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