To Remain in Wait

Can you imagine being hand-picked for something specific for your life and then being told to wait on it? You. Picked out because of exactly what you are right in that moment. To take on a specific role you are destined for. And then told you’d need to wait.

Oh and in that wait, you’ll face such obstacles that your life is at stake?

And yet, you remain in the wait. Fully trusting God. Knowing He’s in full control of every bit of the situation and He is faithful to keep the promise if you but remain in wait.

I couldn’t help but think on that phrase “to remain in wait” as I digested the story of David over the last bit. To be promised the kingship but told to wait. Ensured of the throne by God Himself but not yet. And in that remaining David honored God. He anguished over even tearing the robe of the king…the very one who was seeking to take his life across the mountains.

David sought God, not for what he knew was his by promise. Not to put his expectations on the God of Israel. No, he sought God to be in relationship with Him and Him alone. During that wait, David could have taken control, could have used the promise to usurp the throne, but he remained in wait. He found the intimate place with God in that wait. Remaining in it.

That’s hard to honor Him when we are told to remain in wait. It’s hard not to doubt the Promise Giver, not to usurp control for ourselves because the wait has gotten too much. The wait has led to battle, to refuge seeking, to fleeing into what can be seen as solitude and aloneness. Yet, we are called to remain in the wait for what He has promised. Not something less than, not for something of our own making and taking. For the exact promise He has given us.

When we remain in that wait, we get to be in the rest and of the intimate place with God, seeking Him and not the object of the promise He has given. We remain in the wait with Him, for Him.

2 thoughts on “To Remain in Wait

  1. I know you didn’t really have this in mind maybe, but it hit me when you mentioned David not even tearing Saul’s cloak…Saul was David’s enemy in that moment, but he was showing faithfulness to God by not destroying his enemy even when an opportunity presented itself. Because he knew that the opportunity and ensuing result of seizing said opportunity was not what God wanted in that time. And things worked out better for David in the long run, as well as that time being an opportunity for repentance in Saul’s life. If that makes sense? And for me today, singleness is the enemy that I really want to destroy and am tempted to destroy in any way possible. I want to be faithful to God in this time, but it’s so tempting to just work at defeating this enemy instead. And they are at polar opposites right now…faithfulness and defeating this “enemy”. In the wait, I know that my singleness is an opportunity and not just an enemy. I needed this reminder today, so thanks! And hopefully my ramblings don’t come across as totally incoherent! Somehow they seem to make sense in my head 😉

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