Deep Diving David

exposition Over the last six weeks I have been utilizing the Christ-Centered Exposition Series from B&H Publishing during my quiet time each day. This particular one is focused on two books of the Old Testament, 1 and 2 Samuel.

These two books focus intently on the life of the first king of Israel and then the second which many of us know as David, the man after God’s own heart.

Throughout this very in-depth look at these two hefty books of the OT we find the juxtaposition of the first two kings that Israel has asked God to give them, and much can be said about how they rule very differently. We see the turmoil of a man who turns to pride and jealousy, who chooses how he looks rather than listening for God in all circumstances. We then see the rise of David, a man God chooses not for his appearance or military prowess, but for David’s heart.

In this Exposition, you hear the voices of J.D. Greear and Heath Thomas come through the writing. They speak from experience, a firm Biblical perspective and a deeper understanding of these two books of the Bible. I had previously reviewed another in this series that had two other authors, and found I enjoyed these two as well as I dove into in-depth study of Saul, Israel, and David. It gave me further understanding of how David truly pointed to the Messiah eventhough this is the Old Testament.

I would highly recommend this particular one if you are weary of studying the Old Testament, or even reading it as a daily quiet time, but desire to still learn and grow in Scripture. The authors give in-depth analysis and applicability to what would seem like very unapplicable circumstances. Also at the end of each section there are questions for reflection which would also provide a great means of use in a small group setting as well. For around $14.99 you get a great tool to use in your own personal study, for teaching, or leading small group, and also for pastoral research if that is your need. It’s not too heady and can be used in spurts as reference material as well.

In exchange for this review, I was provided the book for free by the publisher as a part of the B&H Bloggers program. You can sign up too!

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