Regret of Indulgence

Today’s my half birthday. It’s not a thing, but it is a thing. Understand? When you have a summer birthday, and love winter, you tend to find an excuse to celebrate…especially at the end of January. January 24th rolls around and I try to do one little thing as a “you’ve made it halfway through another year puddin’.”

t-mcdonalds-sausage-biscuit-regular-size-biscuitFor days all I could think of was a hashbrown and sausage biscuit from McDonald’s. Refined pallet right? But y’all, it’s my comfort food….and I try to only do it once in a while. So this morning I told myself I could get it, and it was the most glorious of both….fresh and hot. Perfection in $2.19.

Then came the regret. Not that it was over, but that I’d indulged in that way. You know what I am talking about….the greasy aftertaste that fills your mouth, the lead in your stomach from the digestion beginning. Maybe it’s just me and not having had fast food in a while, but y’all, there was some regret.

It happens in all kinds of situations. We indulge as a reward for a job well done, a good season of life, some sort of accomplishment as a means of saying “Yeah I did!” and then follows regret because you gave in, or you realize that it wasn’t what you needed. We give in to our whim of a new job in a new place because we’ve lived through the hardness of a current situation. But we get on down the road and realize we’ve just run from addressing the bigger issue the indulgence masked, or we continue to feed the indulgence instead of the issue at hand.

Yes, it’s good to reward and honor accomplishments, I am not saying we shouldn’t. But when we have that pang of regret it’s best to dig into it rather than continue to brush it aside and continue on. Regret reveals a deeper nudge, a yellow warning light that cautions us to check on the maintenance of the situation or the feeling instead of feeding it’s urge.

Maybe then you won’t be left with a sick feeling in your stomach and the greasy remnants of your indulgence…

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