Points of Change


Do you ever find yourself at a different point in life than a friend or family member, even though you have had similar experiences or upbringings, both been exposed to the exact same things? Does it make you wonder how that happened or even a bit jealous of their current situation?

About a month ago I caught sight of the trees above on my way into work. I pass by them daily on my commute in, but often it’s dark out so to see them with the sun coming up I was caught a bit off guard. Do you see it?

They are each in their own state of changing. Various degrees of change all on display there together.

It struck me that we are often in various degrees of changing, even if we are being hit with the same elements, rooted in the same Scripture, and completely in the light. We may all be the same, but we are all vastly different. This right here was proof to me that no matter how level it all seems to us, each of us grows and changes at various rates…some still producing and blooming while others are going through seasons of dying off.

I think we want to rush seasons of change because they are difficult or we feel that we are the only ones going through them…so we push and prod, wrestling all the way so that we can just get it over with since no one else is dealing with it. But I think that we are all at various levels of change, whether we like it or not, whether we want to be or not.

Change can be slow and gradual, and we can watch as others navigate it ahead of us, learning and gleaning from them while also realizing how we are to do it in our selves being led by God. Change can be sudden and ahead of those around you, ones you were tracking with. So you forge out ahead into the uncharted waters, knowing He’s with you in it. He’s leading it if you let Him and you are on the path which He knows leads right where He wants you.

So we are each at our own point of change, and as we start this new year, it’s good to recognize it that we aren’t needing to keep up with the others even in our same sphere because we have our own pace…whether we are in a season of falling away of current self or producing more than ever of the fruit we bear. Or we’re somewhere in between. Know that change is inevitable, but we get to recognize it in our own lives and then lay it before Him to lead us through.


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