Friendships and Singles

As a single lady it’s often hard to define the relationships I have outside of marital status with certain friends. “Yeah, he’s my friend, and that’s his wife.” When you are single in your 30’s and beyond, it becomes an interesting thing to have friendships that aren’t in couples or defined by the status of ones romantic relationships. It becomes harder for many to navigate the boundaries (or even know what they are) within the confines of friendships of the opposite sex. 

Recently I read this great article from Paul Maxwell that does one of the best jobs I’ve seen outside of Gary Thomas’s Boundaries books in laying out some specific parameters and cautions, as well as benefits in being friends with the opposite sex. 

Yes, he defines it in Christian terms, but I do think across the board this applies to any friendship between men and women. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on this topic we often shy away from in Christian circles because it’s just not something we navigate well-at least not from lack of trying…

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