No Filter Friday

So the last few weeks huh? Lots of stuff going on in America, amiright?

If I am honest, I have had my own stuff going on too…travels, sickness, and the like. Topping it off, I had a great little giveaway last Friday that apparently went awry while I was away from technology for a few days. Not sure if it was issues from my iPad posting or what, but the comments never got loaded so I couldn’t do the giveaway.

So comment below and I’ll pick from those to win a NEEDTOBREATHE copy of Hard Love. 

While I am finally pulling out of the mire of the last few weeks of life in my section of the world, I am finding I need to shake off the dust on the bottom of my sandals. It’s collected and caked up, making me feel gritty and worn rather than how I desired to feel.

Maybe it’s that Thanksgiving is just next week, or that the Christmas season always brings joy, or that I am jamming out to the Hamilton mixtape as I write today…but the dust has to come off. This joy I desire isn’t something I can conjure, I have to trust. I have to choose it. I have to see it in One and not in others or things. Those fade, those don’t last. He does.

So even though there’s no filter on this Friday, and no one’s really been using one for a while now when it comes to airing things in the world, I think I want to unfilter my joy, my choice to shake the dust off and dig back in to the One who is the source of it all.

How are you choosing to see joy in life these days? How are you spreading the joy of the One in Whom all joy is found?

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