The Quiet Ordinary

What if it’s not the giant sacrifices that God wants out of our lives but quiet faithfulness?

That question struck me anew this morning as I read through Hosea 6, and an accompanying devotion. You see I have been wrestling as of late with some questions with God.

Desiring the big, over the ordinary.

Because big leaps are often easier than daily steps, right?

Quiet faithfulness doesn’t get the attention, it doesn’t have the platform to shout your heart in following God that the big does. Ordinary looks an awful lot like holding back your reaction in traffic and dependence upon Him when you are stressed at work. Ordinary goes unseen, or maybe it doesn’t.

Maybe we’ve gotten this all wrong in that living out a life of quiet faithfulness leads to big leaps at points. It leads to giant sacrifices that just don’t look that way to us. Maybe the quiet faithfulness we are supposed to be living into, walking with daily, is exactly what we are called to for our lives, for others…

Ordinary, quiet faithful living is what God desires for us. He desires the daily relationship, dependence, walking and talking with Him. The giant sacrifices may come, or they may not, but what does happen is our relationship with Him brings us closer as we quietly live out what He’s called us to pursue-knowing Him more, bearing His image, being in relationship with Him.

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