Commentary of a Review

In my year of reviewing books for B&H, I have found that I stretch myself in what I am reading more and more. That I won’t just settle for a book by an author I really like, but take a chance on an autobiography, a Bible study, and now a commentary.

Commentaries make me apprehensive, as I worry that they are meant for theology students and pastors to glean and learn on a specific topic or book of the Bible. With the Christ-Centered Exposition from Daniel L. Akin and Jonathan Akin, that’s not the case. I was able to read through a harder book of the Bible, “Ecclesiastes” and walk through both an in-depth commentary broken down by chapter and topic, but I was also able to enjoy application questions following each group.

Ecclesiastes isn’t a book I would pick right off the bat to study in-depth. But I have to say the way both authors laid it out, specifically by chapter and even breaking it down further within chapters made me want to dig in more, to use in my devotion time and then outside of that. I was able to step into Solomon’s words, hear him and see the context of what he was writing.

The authors provided great examples, further observations and readings as well as the ability to glean further within yourself rather than be reliant upon what they had to say on the matter. The application questions and discussion at the end of each section are great personal devotion questions, as well as small group study topics to delve further.

The theme of Exalting Jesus that this commentary series is focusing in on provides the viewpoint in which to study books of the Bible which one might not necessarily get when reading them, especially the Old Testament books. We often relegate Christ to the New Testament, but as the authors show us here, Christ is written across all of His Word.

I would highly recommend this commentary series to anyone seeking to dig deeper into a book of the Bible but feel daunted by commentaries or feel they are only for theology students or pastors. This series does an excellent job of providing breadth and understanding to God’s Word in a way that also has His handprint upon it. It’s great for personal study, sermon preparation or small group study.

In return for this review, I received a copy of the book for free from the publisher as part of a review team.

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