Speed and Hustle

I have a friend who talks alot about the hustle. The hustle of life, hustling on your dreams, being a hustler. It all comes down to the economy of speed. It is busyness, moving hurriedly in specified direction, and it’s also a fraud. (At least by Webster’s terms) While I applaud my friend, and have participated in some of his workshops on the hustle of a dream, I think we are driving ourselves mad in this culture of speed and busy focused.


The culture, which we all influence whether we want to admit it or not, has become one of this instant and right now. We expect responses immediately via text (I watch those three dots flowing on my iMessage too y’all) and we shouldn’t have to wait more than 90 seconds for food. My sister and I were half-heartedly joking about a Lean Cuisine meal that takes 9  minutes to heat up. We both said we question buying it for our lunches since it eats up so much of our lunch time, just heating it up. But that’s where we are in this day.

This week alone I saw how the fast-paced life we craft for ourselves can literally bring us to our knees. So much was going in both personal and professional life that I just stopped one night and said “Enough.” I went for a run and talked with my roommate while she unpacked. We watched Parks and Rec reruns and I put myself to bed. I needed it for myself and to slow the pace that life somehow thought it could demand of me. While I could have used that time to work on my writing, to catch up on a book review I have on my task list, I didn’t.

He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or periods that the Father has set by His own authority.

This morning, as the day started to demand more from me than I have to give, I came upon these words in Acts. The words of Christ that when I ask Him about the timing  of situations, of life, of His works which I am seeking Him to do, I am putting Him on my time table to work. I am seeing from a limited understanding as a human, bound by the culture of hustle and speed. Feeding it to Him rather than allowing Him to work in me, and in the culture to flip it’s demands to His will, and not the other way around.

His economy of time doesn’t look like mine, nor does it look like the culture which is telling me how to define it. While Christ was talking to the disciples right before His ascension about their questions of His return, I think His words still hold true for us today. When we want Him to work in a moment, when we attempt to put Him on our economy of hustle. We don’t get the understanding of His time. It is driven home in 2 Peter 3:

Dear friends, don’t let this one thing escape you: With the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day.

While it may be disconcerting to see that as we live in the hustle and speed of life, we also are able to live out life on His time frame because of the promise He follows up with in Acts. That we aren’t doing this alone, without any help or counsel. He has given us the Spirit to have power in those times and seasons where we aren’t understanding His timing…where we try to put Him on our hustle instead of giving it to Him and leaning into His work in that.

It may feel like a thousand years in just one day in this culture of hustle, we know that He is with us, guiding us to our set culture defined by Him, to live into His economy and scale of time and not this world’s.

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