A Story Worth Telling

Do you ever get invested in a story? A really good book that when it ends you kind of wish it just kept going, although you know that if it did it wouldn’t captivate you as it has over the last few hundred pages…or maybe it would. Maybe the story, the characters, were just so vibrant that you developed a full version of them within you and enveloped their world into your own.

That’s how I feel with Ruth.

I have camped out with these women for the last couple of weeks and I just can’t bear to see this story come to a close. The joyful part is that it doesn’t though, right? I mean this story stretches from the days of Adam straight through David and runs headlong toward Christ. It’s a story that begged our attention, the need for restoration and redemption, and took us to see the woven fabric of a life redeemed again and again throughout the timeline of Ruth and Boaz, to Obed, on to Jesse and then to David.

The richness of the story that points from emptiness to fulfillment.

From the thought that God dealt bitterly towards you to being blessed by Him not leaving you without redemption. From the thought He is a taker of life to the knowledge that He is the Restorer and a Nourisher. Not only does He set you back, He provides what you need for growth, for health…


I have been in that empty place, where I felt He had dealt bitterly with me. My story all but done and left by the side. Feeling more set aside by God than set apart for God. But my fleshly knowledge in no way compares with His Truth. Because the Truth in the whole matter is that this tapestry, this story, He is weaving and telling isn’t complete, it’s being restored and redeemed by Him for Him.

It’s a story nourishing us to grow, to heal, to maintain and be sustained by a God who restores. As much as I want it to be about my feelings in the moment, it’s ultimately about the weaving of a grander story, one that stretches before me and long past me. A story I am uncertain of sitting in, let alone being a major character of. Yet He reminds me that this isn’t my story, it is His. His story of the history of redemption, restoration, nourishment.

That story? Well that’s one I can fully invest in for however long it takes to tell, knowing the ending is so much sweeter than the current plot line.

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