God of the Small

Do you ever find that you only look to God for the big? The Noah moments, the Lazarus-level healing, even the Boaz bringing?

Maybe it’s just me. For so long I knew and trusted He was the God of the big stuff. Sovereign in creation, in resurrection. A life-giver and miraculous healer. A God of miracles and wonders.

DSCN1931The insane beauty of a sunset, oh that’s God. Look at the grandeur and working of His hand. He’s all over that.

But my small, day-to-day stuff? That’s not where I have found Him.

Or rather, that’s not where I have been looking for Him, relying on Him and allowing Him to enter in with me. He’s not the God of small, or at least that’s what I have been selling to myself and my “stuff” in the small. Why would the small matter to such a big God? Because God works the small just as He works the big, if we are faithful in the small.

Let me take you to where I saw Him in what I deem the small of life. I am back over in Ruth once more, because y’all He’s doing a work in it. If we are looking ahead to the big ending we miss the small, we miss how Ruth was faithful to go and do the work. To glean in the fields behind the reapers. To do the hard, grueling work in order to provide for her and her mother-in-law Naomi. From sun up til sun down, with a break “in the house” as we are told.

She did the faithful work and God was right there in it. It wasn’t a miraculous boat being built, it wasn’t the falling of a wall by musical instrument. It was getting up, going out, and doing. Day in, day out.

We can handle the small, so we tell ourselves. We cop to the lie that we are the mini-gods of the small, having control in to-do lists and tasks, making the bed and filing reports. But I think it takes seeing the faithful work of Ruth for me to understand God wants to be in the small of a meeting, a phone call, or a task. He wants to be in every single detail of my life, if I choose to relinquish the need for complete management of it.

Yes, He is the God of big, but He’s also the God of small. Of noticing us and being with us, if we step back and invite Him into it. If we remain faithful to do the work before us with Him. Knowing it isn’t for accolades or awards that will never come from grading papers or serving coffee, but about the beauty of Him with us in each moment as we faithfully work for Him and with Him.

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