Well Giddy On Up: A Book Review

I took a bit of a sabbatical from book reviewing for about six weeks this summer. I have read (to date) 26 books since January 1, as my goal for 35 by December 31 looks obtainable. But I had been reading quite a bit on Christian living, dating and leadership over the last few months that I felt the need to breathe and dig in to some candy for my brain.

In doing so, I have consumed far too much fiction in six weeks. I’m currently in the middle of Zoo by James Patterson and will begin the transition back to more focused reading for the fall. I did take some time to read the new book out from Sophie Hudson, better known as BooMama, called Giddy Up, Eunice.

giddy up

In reading this book, it feels like you are sitting with Sophie chatting. She’s sharing her stories and thoughts on women of the Bible. Their relationships, how they cared and mentored one another, and how that translates to our relationships now as women in the church (and mostly outside of it).

There were times when I had to put the book away as I felt the tug of a needed relationship in my life that had gone uncultivated. Or when I felt convicted that I wasn’t giving attention and support to women all around me in our relationships. Sophie can catch you right where you are at, and do so unsuspectingly.

This is a great read for women in their 20’s and up as a means of guiding relationships as peers, mentors, and anything in between. It’s a call to women to be in fellowship and see first hand what that looks like from the women in the Bible who’ve gone before in the Lord and shown us the way. Our circumstances may not be in the same context, but here we are thousands of years later, still looking around at the women of our church for community.

It’s something that has gotten after my heart this summer and challenges me to pursue engaging more in some relationships, trusting others that I felt were going distant, and leaning into unsuspecting areas to foster relationships I hadn’t considered. Sophie’s book gives you thoughts to ponder and some applicable steps to take, as she guides you through real life stories from her own eyes and heart.

I highly recommend this book for women’s ministers, small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, basically any female who has friendships with any other females in their lives. It’s something that can be used as a guide, a resource, and even a teaching platform of sorts. Whether you are just coming to the table of Christian friendships, or you’ve been here a long while, we need you because as Sophie says, “We need each other.”

In exchange for this review I received the book at zero cost from B&H Publishing.

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