In His Presence

We have some pretty spectacular sunsets and sunrises around Nashville. You’ll know it (if you don’t live in these parts) by the flooding of social media with people capturing the moment. I am known to do it too. It’s just too beautiful, too breathtaking not to share with the world. If you’ll indulge my sentimentality as well, it’s also where I often hear God loudest…where He gives a wink or a nod to something I have been praying through and a scene of a sunset reminds me He’s heard me, He’s got it. I can release my worry or fear and just rest in the knowledge of Him.

Taken in March 2011 at Maryville College.  Photo owned by Sara Stacy, do not copy without permission.

It takes a certain level of presence of the moment to see it though. To be fully present I can’t be distracted by a phone or thoughts of tomorrow, I have to be fully aware of the moment I am in. I find in seasons that I am really present in the moments, each and every one ticking by and then other seasons I find that I just can’t quite bring myself fully into the present because I am dwelling in the past or creating worry for the future.

Lately it’s been the latter. There’s been unfounded worry about this, and created anxiety about that. It’s pushed out where my focus and my heart should be, in the present, pursuing His voice in the noise of it all.

This week I was able to see Hillsong United and Lauren Daigle in concert. My  heart’s prayer as the lights dim was a plea to be present. It came on suddenly and it was breathtaking. It was a cry from deep within to no longer dwell in the fear of something happening or not happening. It was a song to Christ of trust and reliance, toward God. I want to trust and release it all because He is there in the future, He’s in the past as well. He extends before and behind, something I forget all too quickly when I am not in the present.

So I felt this pull to the present, Christ’s arm extending to draw me close, draw me near to Him and trust the present to be. He does that when we allow Him. When we make ourselves available to the Presence of Him. The sunsets, the worship, Scripture and quiet. All of these bring me to His Presence in the present if I choose it.

Many times I don’t. I choose busyness, social media, television…all distractions simply because being present is work. It’s difficult sometimes and it’s much easier to relax into a comfortable posture of procrastination and distraction than pursuit of Presence. But I desire that Presence especially in my present. If I desire it, and it’s aligns with His will, doesn’t He promise to give it?

Y’all, He does. He gives Himself to us if we but desire it with all of our self. If we pursue His Presence in the moment over the other, over our self as well. Sometimes it’s worth not capturing that sunset simply because He meant it for you in that moment. Desire to receive the present, a gift of His Presence.

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