This is it.

Earlier this week I asked the question of what if? My friend Hanna also shared this week on the fact we are not victims. (Warning, you will get taken to the woodshed and be better for it friends)

I can’t help but think on this phrase of “So this is it,” after this week. How do we come to accept circumstances, life situations that just are? Where we are living it and we’ve given it over to God and it remains?

How do we live in the this and still be joyful, still praise Him for His goodness, still trust He is good? Here’s where I have landed (or rather He has slammed me up against to see very closely):

The things we are in, the ‘thises and thats’ which we are faced with, daily plodding through, are what He has us in. It isn’t convenient, it isn’t what we would have crafted. But this singleness, this infertility, this marriage conflict, this upheaval of life? We are here to be present, to see Him in them and not ourselves. It may never be resolved, we may never know why, but we have to be okay with that because it’s trusting Him and not us. It’s leaning more into Him than ourselves or these pitiful excuses of idols.

He isn’t what we would have crafted for ourselves. Time and again I have read commentaries that point back to Israel believing the Messiah would appear very differently than He did. That He would act and work in a way that they thought He should and He didn’t. He still doesn’t act like we want Him to, am I right?

And we are better for it. I am better for it. The salvation I craft doesn’t make me better, doesn’t reflect Him in me. It looks an awful lot like me wanting the answers and the control, that I just don’t have.

So when I try to tack on addendums to His Promises that are directions to work or act like I want, I need to step back and believe in the truth of His word alone. Not adding to or taking away. But believing just as Elizabeth did, having faith that He would do as promised and living in that faith, not of a false hope, but a steadfast one founded in Him and not my own ideas.

It’s difficult, it’s not comfortable in the least, and there are days and weeks where I just get caught in the weeds of what this is for my life. Yet His Promise to never leave me, never forsake me, to love me, to bless me, and to seek good for me remains. If I but choose to look to that and not at this. As this can become an idol I worship in an ugly way instead of seeking out His Promise that is worthy of all praise and adoration.

So this is it. But He is more. He is all. No matter what this and that bring in or out of my life, He is there. If I but choose Him. If I put my eyes on the One that matters in all of it, despite this or that.


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