The What If…

What if God’s just waiting on you to put down the banner of








so that He can begin the work in you that is needed?


I like to tell Him what I need. What I think I need. What plagues me. But do I lay it down? Do I relinquish it or do I make it my idol? Do I raise my banner high and carry it around in such a way that I begin to make it what I look to in life instead of Him?

That same God who brought salvation to us all? Yeah, He’s the same God in today, with you in these things, with me in my doubts and fears, my questions and anger. Why would I trust Him with eternity and not with today? Not with the banners I carry with me in the day-to-day?

I look at Him and tell Him He’s good enough for the cross for us all, but not for the idol I cannot release.


But it’s truth. It’s the truth that I care more for my situation, my lack thereof, than I do for giving it to Him and trusting He has the best for me. He had the best for me on the cross, so why not today? Why not in this struggle?

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