A Creative Review


I’ll admit I was skeptical of a journal to discover your life verse. Having chosen my own life verse a couple of years ago after much contemplation, I wondered how coloring could assist someone in this discovery.

I soon realized people journey through Scripture differently, and for those creatives one means of journeying is through journaling. Bible journaling has become a popular pursuit of Scripture that opens up the creative parts of the mind. I have seen people explore the Bible in compelling ways as they allow God to use them through coloring and drawing.

The Life Verse Creative Journal from Jana Magruder & Morgan Grace Magruder ($12.99 through LifeWay Christian Stores) assists in that journey to discover Scripture in a new way. The two journal set provides a prescribed and pre-drawn outline in one journal of certain Scripture we may already be familiar with, such as John 3:16 and Matthew 5:16. It also provides prompts within those pages to explore deeper in your own creative mind through drawing and coloring what those verses mean to you. In the second journal of the set, you have blank pages within to draw and explore for yourself what verses speak to you.

As someone who isn’t that great at drawing I found the guided journal helpful as I sat and dwelt on the Scripture before me. My own life verse was within the journal and it put it into a new context for me to see and look at from another perspective. I was also able to put life to it beyond the words, to bring color and vibrancy to the living Word of God. This was something I hadn’t thought to look at before as a way of exploring Scripture and His creativity within me.

I highly recommend this set for any woman as a way of exploring your verse if you already have one, unleashing your creative self (even if you think you don’t have one) to see God’s Word differently. Journal through different interpretations of your verse. Look at other versions in the pre-drawn journal and see what inspires you.

This journal set makes a great gift for someone in your life, or for yourself, to pursue a different way of looking at Scripture and finding a verse that works for your life. It would make a great small group activity or youth group exploration (I would suggest girls as it is more female driven) of Scripture.

Grab some markers and colored pencils, and start exploring the living, vibrant Word of God in your own creative ways today!

This book set was provided by B&H Publishing free of charge in exchange for a review.

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