10421643_10102255291125395_7045934990659585822_nToday marks two years since I became a home owner. I love my little corner of the neighborhood, and even my neighbors (when they pick up after their dogs). It’s been an interesting two years owning a home, with water heater breakdowns and painting projects and nesting.

For ten years I rented places, feeling at home but never quite like it was mine to settle into, to be in. So when I came to own my own home I started making it mine. What I liked, where I liked things, what was important and made sense for me.

Recently someone was sharing that they’d had a conversation where they told someone they felt like home to them. I get that sentiment, a feeling and emotion that roots you with someone that it feels like you might’ve known them your entire life. But I couldn’t help but disagree with them on the sentiment because home isn’t in a person. It’s not in a house, or a place, or a thing.

Home for me is where I place my treasure, where things of value that aren’t defined by the world’s standards are. Home is eternal and burning within me. It’s longing for something more and being uncomfortable until that day of completion.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21 (HCSB)

I see the signs saying “Home is where the heart is,” and I can’t help but believe that truth. But my heart isn’t placed in people, or things, or stuff, or places. My heart, and the treasures of my life, are found in eternal hope, redemption, joy, peace, lovingkindness, goodness…they are found in a redemption unfathomable, in an eternity of glory, in a God who provides, sustains and loves beyond words. Yes those things are found in people, in things, and places but they are ultimately a gift rooted in Him.

What we choose to place our hearts in leads to where we call home, reflects what we treasure. When we place it in people, we are sorely disappointed at times. When we place it in stuff, we find it turns to idols and is very fleeting. When we place it in locations, we find over time it loses it’s hues and sentiments. Are we chasing treasure in earthen vessels, in stuff, in places when we should be placing it in eternal hope? In eternal matters?

Instead of building a home here, I seek to build a home where my treasure and my heart are secure, growing and rooted in the truth of Who He is and What He says. That home is truly where my heart is.


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