BFFs and God

Do you remember your first best friend? That first person who you could tell your secrets to and not feel judged or questioned? Mine was a girl named Jennifer, and it felt like we were kindred spirits at a very young age. We loved reading, watching ABC on Friday nights (hello Full House and Step by Step) and sleepovers at her grandmother’s house. Our closeness lasted into middle school and then we began drifting apart. Life, growth, just stuff in general caused us to gravitate in other directions, always remaining friendly with one another though, even now as we connect across states via social media.

I wonder if Adam thought about his first best friend there in the Garden. It couldn’t have been far from his mind each and every day, especially in those days of toil and labor, the days after losing his sons to murder and turmoil. All effects of a decision he made that drew him away from his first best friend, God.

At the root our relationships are often outflows of a relationship we have with God. It’s at the root of who we are as human beings, our ability to connect and be relational. I talked about this yesterday. However in order to begin healthy relationships with others, we have to examine our relationship with God.

Do we talk with Him regularly?

Are we spending time connecting to His interests and cares?

How are we listening to what He is saying to us?

Are we serving that relationship or expecting to be served by it?

Do we simply think He is a secondary relationship to all the others in our lives?

That may not be something we actually say, but by how we live it shows our answer. Where we prioritize time spent in His Word, talking with Him, listening for Him reflects our relationship. We can’t expect to be close friends with someone if we just tell them what we are doing once a week/month/year. I wouldn’t think that of someone in my friend circle, so why would I do that with God?

Ultimately relationships begin with Him; He is the Alpha. He showed us that even in the beginning, at creation, we were close with Him, walking with Him and connecting to Him. So much so that He sought us out again and again to be in relationship with Him first, even so much as giving up His beloved Son so that the relationship could be restored, we could be redeemed.

That far outweighs any friendship bracelet or BFF necklace, as He is the template for relationships from the beginning.

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