Book Review: 1 Peter Study

I took a different book to review this month, as I sought to broaden my depth in reviewing. I selected Jen Wilkin’s in-depth look at 1 Peter.

When I say her study is in depth, I mean this smaller book in the New Testament is a nine-week study. Each day you re-read the entire chapter and then focus in on specific verses, often just one or two over the course of five days. You have an additional wrap-up day, followed by a group discussion guide.

This study also has a video portion, however that was not part of the review. I did work through parts of the study as a supplement to my own devotional time and found it rather grueling work. To be honest I felt the pace of the study drug a bit too slow for my own preference. Wilkin is very thorough and Biblically sound in her teaching. She gives contextual insight and derivations of phrases, seeking to have you as the student dig into what you are studying.

Having done studies by other authors on books of the Bible I found this one to be biting off more than I wanted to chew, with such a detailed pace it was advancing. I don’t believe we should rush through the study of Scripture, but for my preference this isn’t one I would choose to lead or study moving forward.

If you are looking for an in-depth, Biblical foundation study this is an excellent choice by Wilkin as she provides such focused questions to get you to look at Scripture intently and intensely. She provides an overarching basis for you to carry into other studies of Scripture on your own. If you or your church are seeking to walk through 1 Peter together over the course of a semester, I would recommend this be the study of choice as Wilkin does a spectacular job of digging into the root of the Scripture.

The Bible study was provided to the reviewer in exchange for this review.

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