When You Want to Quit as a Woman

I have a shirt that says “Quitter” across it in bold, capital letters. We can thank Jon Acuff for this as it was a book that he wrote that ultimately changed the course of a large chunk of my life. But it’s something that makes me laugh at when I wear it, especially at work as I head to the gym. (My boss at the job I have had less than a year did not find it as amusing the day I walked out of the bathroom with it on)

But I have to say I have been marked by that title one too many times in my life. I once quit the tennis team in high school in the middle of our match, thankfully my mother yanked some sense into me and I walked my ego and pride back to the team seeking forgiveness. So when I saw Nicki Koziarz’s 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit I thought it might be worth checking out, because frankly I was tired of seeing the things in my life that I had quit, given up on and were reminders of a life not lived fully.

Y’all I didn’t expect to be utterly wrecked by this book, published by B&H (and provided to me by them for this review). Nicki leads you through the five habits in such a beautifully simplistic way with chapters leading into it and providing Godly insight as to how to Biblically honor God through these habits. Early on in the Quitzilla chapter (yes, friends, I have been a Quitzilla myself) she just lays the gist of our habits as quitters out there with this: “Usually we are not defeated by what others say or do to us; ultimately we are defeated by what we say and do to ourselves.” (Pg 51) I don’t get down too often about what others say to me, it’s my internal talk that gets me, every. Single. Time.

Nicki does an excellent job in this book of knitting together her own personal struggle with quitting in life, from marriage to motherhood to writing and much more that you feel like a good friend is having a conversation with you at Starbucks instead of just reading another Christian living book. At the end of the chapters she recaps the highlights in one-liners to remember and take to heart. She also provides applicable questions to get you thinking and re-thinking your habits currently employed and how you can implement the ones in the book.

Through her words, Nicki guides you from accepting the assignment of refinement through understanding that your feelings should not be your compass and to finding it is worth it in the end to continue on with your assignment. I believe this book has the ability to change women’s hearts and lives in such a powerful way. I know it’s changed mine already as I seek to accept the assignment of refinement in my own life now, and not allowing feelings to be my master but being open to God’s movement in my life.

Since Quitter, I don’t know that I have a read a book that has pushed me personally, spiritually and professionally as this book. Go grab it from your local LifeWay…and be on your way to developing the habits of a woman who doesn’t quit.

I was not paid for this review. I did receive the book in exchange for posting a review. Of the ones I have reviewed in the last six months, this one is second to Fervent. I want you to have this book, and I want you to share with others about this book. It’s that good y’all.

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