Fruit-Bearing Mondays

It’s the Monday of Holy Week. As a kid growing up Southern Baptist I didn’t think much on this week, except with anticipation of the Easter drama at church and the basket from the bunny. The week itself didn’t really hold much meaning for me up until a few years ago.

I am currently in a study which is taking a look at each day of this week, with focused intention at the journey of Christ during this week. Monday intrigues me somewhat, especially as I sit here on a Monday night reading over His words from so long ago, that are resonating with this heart preparing for Friday, anticipating Sunday.

Palm Sunday brought adoration, worship, jubilant praise of “Hosanna!” Monday brought judgement in the temple from Christ. It brought a lesson to the disciples. It brought prayer to the forefront once more. For many, even in the study I am in, the focus is on Christ cleansing the temple on this Monday. I have even missed the rest of the day because of the great act of flipping the tables (I have a deep-seeded desire to flip a table in righteous anger too).

The fig tree got the judgement as well on this Monday. As Christ used it as an illustration to those who look full of promise, but bear no fruit. He was specifically pointing towards Israel but He casts a wider audience with us all. The fig tree didn’t bear fruit in the spring, during this Passover season. They are fall fruit-bearers. Yet there are leaves that sprout giving a small hope of promise but not fulfilling that. Christ came hungry, desiring a taste of the fruit one more time as He journeyed towards the weight of the world crashing down upon Him. He sought the faith of those willing to see miracles, to see answered prayers, to bear out the fruit of their lives He was beckoning them to be.

Likewise He desires us to bear fruit, fruit of promise and in all seasons. He seeks for us to know Him, having faith in Him, believing that He walked towards the cross to give us the life He hungers for us to have in Him. The hunger He has for us isn’t one easily satiated with figs, but with real fruit born out in our lives of faith, believing in prayer, seeking miracles through faith in Him, knowing He is our reality.


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