Write Your Story

Recently the thought of story has been a centerpoint in my mind. The idea of our story and what a story can tell, and many times what it doesn’t. I am surrounded by books and people that give voice to all kinds of stories day in and day out. From the knowledge-based variety where you get just facts or the grandiose, vibrant descriptions of a narrative.

I love story, and I think I always have and most certainly always will. Story is what gives other an idea of who we are, why we are, and how we are. Story removes the scaffolding of an unfinished project and breathes life into what otherwise would be a rather meh experience.

More and more I am seeing others desire to create a story not for themselves but for those around them. It’s something I initially saw with fascination but grew sad in seeing the root of it. You see people want to write stories for other out of selfish means, devious minds or to divert the reading of their own story, one in which they are ashamed to tell or allow to be read.

Initially when someone wants to take pen to my life it may be out of great intentions to see me get the best value out of my life, and “only with the best for you in mind.” While they may be telling themselves that, please be aware that someone laying lines of script to your life isn’t what is best for you. But they may not know your hopes, dreams or goals. They may not get or understand your current story-telling technique or avenue simply because they are not you. Maybe you have shared that your hope is to be in a completely different career field than the one you are in now, or that you know you have experience in this area that has told your story for a decade, but you just no longer see yourself as the lead in that story.

Our story may make those around us uncomfortable because it’s not the story they had outlined for us, but let’s be clear it is still our story to tell. We own our story and giving away our authorship to someone out of fear or doubt is releasing our lives to be defined on someone else’s terms, and not our own. Maybe someone else speaks lines into your life that ignite a rewrite of your current script, which brings life and beauty to your life. That is fantastic! Give them a place in your story, don’t hand over the entire script.

Story gives us the evolution of something-our lives, our hearts. That we get to choose to take pen and paper to for ourselves and for others. Our story is one we need to write, with certain references and defining turns, but ultimately one in which we are penning.

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