If Instagram has taught us nothing, it’s that everyone is a purveyor of sunrises (or maybe its sunsets). Here in Nashville especially we tend to have some crazy sunsets I know…simply because my Insta-feed and Twitter scrolling will tell me what I have seen with my own eyes.


I stood this morning, sun still working it’s way to horizon, at my living room window as the sky lightened. It’s a magical time in the hours before dawn and as the sun works its way to greet us with a new day. The mornings I am able to see the sun rise (when it’s not been cloudy for what seems like forever, as it did the last few weeks here) I feel like I have been given a glimpse of creation.

Beauty and creation of a new day. A new day not yet filled with busy, tears, frustrations. A new day not yet realized of the joy, happiness and contentment it contains. It is just new. As if the whole earth is holding its breath.

As I sit this very morning and type this, the sky is lightening to my left out the front while to my right and behind my shoulder the moon still hangs, in half of it’s normal size. Even it anticipates the beauty of this new day, clinging to the last depths of night hoping to witness creation unfold once more anew today.

Sunrises bring anticipation, affirmation that God is with us at least for me. I cannot see a sunrise and not breathe a little deeper, filling with the engulfing goodness of His beauty at work. It is knowing that I have navigated whatever the night has brought with God greeting me newness in today. He was with me in that night but reminds me that beauty awaits with but the turning of the day.

Maybe today we all need to breathe in the newness of the day, the beauty of light dancing upon the horizon. Brilliant warmth flooding our view as a reminder that no matter where we find ourselves He brings beauty, mercies anew for today. He gifts us that with each new morning for us to see hope in the midst of uncertainty, joy in the midst of sorrow and beauty from a God who loves us so.

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