When God has forgiven me of so much, what right do I have to withhold it from anyone else?

Such a convicting quote, but something so hard to live out. Am I right? When the person has hurt you so deeply, the wounds leave scars for a lifetime. When someone intentionally seeks to harm you. When they don’t seem even remotely responsible to themselves for the harm they have done.

How do you forgive that?

How do you let go of the unforgiveness in order to begin to heal for yourself? For your relationship with God?

I wish I had the easy, three step answer my friends. Believe me I do. I sit here in the hard place with a friend, who is wrestling with this. I find that the moment I my pride rears up that “I have forgiven” I am reminded that I haven’t let go of this thing, or those words. In my selfish state I think that out of the hard should come the easy. That I give forgiveness and it’s done.

But so rarely is that the case. and I mean rarely.

I keep coming back to Christ’s words, as He bore all the words, actions and hate of the world in order to give forgiveness for it. He was giving it when I didn’t deserve it, nor was I asking for it. And it was a hard thing. It wasn’t easy to go to the cross. His struggle in the garden shows us that. He was seeing the flesh battle the call by God, knowing God’s will for Him was to sacrifice, to be in the hard, and to walk this road to show us the journey of freedom in forgiveness.

It means digging into time with Him. It means bringing along your trusted friends (even if they fall asleep on you). It means bearing the brunt of the battle of flesh and Spirit to know forgiveness. For yourself. For the other person(s).

It means knowing, and trusting, that forgiveness comes even when “they know not what they do.”

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