Extraordinary Faith

There’s an afternoon radio show I like listening to as I drive home here in Nashville most days. If you happen to have WAY-FM in your area, I highly recommend you check out Carlos & Joy in the afternoons because I find they dig into some stuff sometimes that gets your heart moving in a different way. And because they are super funny…

I had been wrestling with a couple of thoughts on faith recently as I was seeking obedience to a God call. Carlos brought this up through the lens of Joshua 6, where the walls of Jericho were to come down. I had not thought of what might the people think when God commands them to march around with instruments to bring the walls down.

For so long I looked at as this great victory not won by force but by God’s hand. I didn’t think about that superimposed on my life would look quite different if the story was told now. It would look like God blessing me with the ability to march, to play an instrument and commanding me to use that because of Him (not because of me). But I would start replying back to Him telling Him all I could do beyond that, ways that I could see it going better if He’d just let me do it.

That’s the thing, when it is in my grasp it’s my strength at work-not His. It’s faith in myself, and not in Him (ugh…that one is hard to admit and know). It’s choosing me, myself and my human self over the God who is sovereign and in full authority. When I start to manipulate God’s call for obedience-no matter what that looks like or the means in which He lays before to use to obey Him-I tell Him that His faith isn’t extraordinary, His power isn’t matchless, and that His love for me isn’t quite enough to cover me.

It takes choosing extraordinary faith over my less than ordinary self. It takes humbling of self, dying to self, in order to say “Your will be done” and not seeking my own means of accomplishing that will. It means believing in an extraordinary faith and living that out each and every day. Because if I am honest, I don’t do that. I don’t live out an extraordinary faith. Most of the time it looks rather diminishing or average at best. But God tells a different story over our lives, a story of unfailing love, redeeming love, power to move mountains, and defeat hell. When I choose Him to put my faith in, instead of telling Him how it should go, when I don’t try to muddy the story with my own slant, He brings down walls with the sound of a horn.

I am praying today for extraordinary, incomprehensible faith over situations and people, including myself, for forgiveness without understanding, peace and love extended in ways only God could manage, extraordinary healing and hope in the life of those battling doubts and illness. What would it look like if we lived that out today? If we allowed God to breathe that into someone else’s life? Into our own lives?

“So the people shouted when the priests blew the trumpets. And it happened when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat.”-Joshua 6:20 (NKJV)

May our walls come down flat at the shout of faith in an extraordinary God.

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