Pursuing Love

So we started a new sermon series at church on love, on Valentine’s Day. Had I not been fuzzy-headed from this cold, I might have groaned just a bit. I was developing a judgmental notion just from the title that I was going to be preached to on marriage and love. (Yay for singles in the church!)

But I was oh-so-very wrong y’all. So shout out to Aaron for convicting me multiple times on Sunday morning!

You see I hadn’t really taken 1 Corinthians 13 all that serious. I bookmarked it as the Scripture for weddings, for the images people post on Valentine’s Day all over social media, or hand paint on a nice block of wood for decor. I could rattle it off, but it didn’t have much meaning to me quite honestly.

As we were going through the verses I jumped to the start of chapter 14 to see the “what next” after Paul tells the Corinthians what love is exactly. The first words are “Pursue love” in my translation. I grabbed a couple of others, to dig deeper into what pursuing love looks like. One defines it as “running after love” and another tells us to “follow the way of love” in our lives. And for a moment, I caught a glimpse of myself seeking after love, but not in the defining love of chapter 13, but of that selfish love, that envious love, that me-love that puts love in a person to define rather than the Author of love Himself.

Right there is where I sit y’all. Looking at chapter 13 with a new perspective of pursuit. Pursuing a love that is patient. Pursuing love that is kind. Running after love that does not envy or seek its own, but honors others. Following a path that isn’t easily angered and keeps no record of wrongs. Pursuing the rejoicing of truth and protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres.

Y’all this love is the love I desire after. This love is eternal, never failing. Pursuing this love means, as Aaron stated, “making a choice to love-others ahead of ourselves, those who are unlovable, through our actions, our mind and our hearts.” Running after love on this side of chapter 13 looks an awful lot like Christ’s love for us in every moment of our lives, and what better love to pursue than the love He has for us?

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