It’s Friday around these parts, and it’s been a long week. Work’s been very busy, and then my body decided it wanted to be sick so I am battling just feeling cruddy the last 24 hours. My heart and mind are still trying to wrap around IF:gathering from last weekend, without much space to process this week.

In the midst of all this I keep being faced with verses in my daily study on the mind. The mind of Christ. My thoughts towards others. His thoughts towards me. Just all very mind full. This morning as I was looking at the intentionality of a life in Christ I saw something I hadn’t seen before….don’t you love when He does that?!

“Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus:” (Philippians 2:5, NKJV)

Here’s the thing on this, I usually stop there. I pray about a mind that is focused on a bigger plan, a bigger picture, peace and redemption for all. But that’s not a period at the end of the sentence but a colon. That colon is showing us the next steps to the mind like Christ.

1-We don’t think it robbery to be like someone else, a fellow believer, a sinner (cause we all are y’all), the coworker who annoys you, the friend who betrayed you, the rude person who cut you off in traffic. We are just like them. We are not above them.

2-We are to be servants with humility. True humility enables us to serve others above possessions and personal plans.

3-We are of no reputation when like Christ. He was loved and hated, and we will be too.

4-We are obedient-in all things, with our thoughts, our actions and words. Obedience isn’t easy and is surely isn’t popular but we were shown obedience when He went to the cross for us. So I think we can be obedient in the thing He’s called us to do.

But in all of this I keep looking at Jeremiah 29:11, where God tells us that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. But here, in Christ, we can find understanding, obedience, humility, and service to guide us to the peace, a hope and a future. Where our minds are full of Him instead of us.

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