Remember there are worse places than Nineveh. He that goes out of the path that God marks for him may yet come to be at the bottom of the sea with Jonah, with the weeds wrapped about his head.“-Charles Spurgeon

Maybe your Nineveh doesn’t look like Jonah’s. Or maybe it’s looking worse than you can fathom his to be. Jonah didn’t know at the time he would end up in the belly of a whale, so God could get his attention on what He was asking him to be obedient in.

Do we ever get the whole picture?


What we do get is the call to obedience, to be on the path of God’s design. We get the choice of the step. Where that leads is up to us….

I don’t know about you but Nineveh is looking better than the belly of a man-eating whale from this perspective.

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