I have been doing a study of Genesis as the new year started. As a Christian now for 16 years I worried that the stories would bore me after reading them so often. Oddly enough, I find the more I read the Word the more things I discover about God, Who He is and what He does in our lives.

If you’ve read Genesis then you’ve probably heard about Lot’s wife in the aftermath of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We know the fire and destruction reigns down upon the cities that found no redeeming people in them.We know Lot’s wife turned back for a glimpse of the cities she had called home. Then she was dust…turned into a pillar of salt. Simply for turning back.

We know all of that already…but the thing I have missed before now is the lingering of Lot within the city and also just outside, when he bargains with the angels in where they are to run to prior to the destruction. Eventually after multiple instances of “hurry Lot” they had to physically pull him and his family from the cities because “the Lord was merciful to him.”

They gave him warnings when they didn’t have to.

They saved him from a maddening crowd when they didn’t have to.

They saved his family from destruction when they didn’t have to.

Yet he lingered. He even bargained to stay close by and not leave the valley. At first Lot had set up his camp, upon breaking with Abraham, just outside of Sodom and not in it. But over time Lot found his way to residing within the city-a city condemned to depravity and immorality. It’s a slow move into sin, it’s never a full-fledged cannonball straight into it. The even bigger issue is when deliverance is sent…and we linger.

We hem around what has been pointed out to us, for deliverance out of it, and instead choose to continue in it. It is what we have come to know and dwell in, even when it threatens to destroy us. God shows us mercy, providing a way out yet we cannot fathom life being upset by the removal of ourselves from this thing-idol, pride, lies, greed, etc.

What will we do?

How will we function?

All I have known is this way, this place, this situation.

Much like Lot we linger even when we have warnings of impending destruction, even with the knowledge that what we are in is bad for us. God always provides a way out because He has to deal with sin, even when we don’t. He cannot ignore it and He cannot push it aside.

So why do we linger in it, neglecting the warning signs and choosing to even look back in longing for what we know is our downfall?

Because we are fallen. We don’t see the good He is doing in us through this. We simply believe the lie from the Garden itself, that He wants to keep us from something good. We make it about ourselves, and how we are shorted of something rather than the immensity of all that we get in Him, with Him, in Him.

We get God.

Yet we linger in the valley longing for less.

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