I don’t know about you but there have been recent times where I have been sitting in the chairs at church listening to my pastor and felt like he knew every bit of what I was going through at that moment.

Has that happened to you?

No…so it’s just me? Okay then.

I have been in a season of insignificance. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was until last week, when Aaron pointed the notion out. I was feeling small. I was feeling unimportant. I was feeling a whole lot of less than. It has to do with a multitude of things but it was present.

So I had accepted that I was just in this season, or maybe it would be a permanent state, I wasn’t very sure. To be very transparent here (and I do that alot) I had prayed on it but was of the “ye of little faith” crowd on it being a temporary state of insignificance. (Also I have misspelled that word every single time I have typed it thus far, you’re welcome)

However on Sunday, as I sat there truly with a heart that hasn’t felt prepared or in the Christmas spirit of rejoicing because I am weary this year, I heard one verse that changed my thoughts on insignificance. It shattered my thought train of despair and emotions that were slowly tearing me down. In Micah 5:2, nestled in the verse Aaron pointed out how Bethlehem is called out for being insignificant (that’s gotta sting). They were small among the nations BUT they would be used for an eternal purpose.

Those who are seemingly insignificant
are exactly the people God is drawn to,
the people He chooses and the ones He uses.” -Aaron Bryant

So it might feel like I am small, but God chooses the small, if they are willing, for great purpose. Think about Bethlehem, about Mary and Joseph, the shepherds who took the news of Christ’s birth. Every single one was deemed insignificant based on circumstances, location, or position. Yet God (and I love that in Scripture) chose to use them in an eternally significant way.

I know many are feeling small in this season of life, in this time of year. Here’s where I find my joy and hope on December 23rd, in that He draws me to Him, He chooses me for use in a way I have no logical reasoning on. I must be willing to accept it and lay aside feelings of less than in order to be used by the More Than in my life. I may feel insignificant but to God I am perfect for His work and purpose.

If you’d like to check out the entire message from Aaron Bryant at The Church at Avenue South, you can view it right here.

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