Beauty in Worship

Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name;

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

Psalm 29:2 (NKJV)

I love a good worship song. Once, many years ago, a friend made me feel rather guilty of enjoying worship songs, stating that the songs are written to build emotion and often not from a place of true worship of God. For a while it ruined worship for me. I would hear it when notes changed, the bridge came and a multitude of hands were lifted. I could only hear the notes, and not the words.

It took me examining my own heart in worship with songs to see that it is true worship when I open up my self to give God the glory due Him. When I am in awe at His splendor and beauty.

It took me seeing that worship isn’t prescribed in a service, but in your car, on a run, in places beyond the limitations we have placed on the word worship.

I love the beauty of David’s words in Psalm 29 as he celebrates in worship of Who God is, the creation of His Hand and all that He embodies. This falls immediately after Psalm 28 (hey captain obvs!)…a psalm of David’s lament on God’s silence. David’s crying out to God in prayer to not stand by quietly but to be present and loud. Then we see the glory of the God Who Thunders, as one translation titles it.

I love that.

He’s the God who isn’t quiet, He isn’t still. He asks that we be still though. That we quieten ourselves in order to see His glory, to revel in His worship. That we would behold the beauty that is holiness, our heart’s desire.

I am not sure what you are going through, but maybe you have felt Him quieten in your life, especially in this season of hustle and bustle. Maybe you have been calling out for Him to not be silent in your life, yet it feels all too still. Maybe it’s time to pause, and “Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength” as you worship. Push aside the list of to-dos for moments with Him-in your car, on a run, in the bathroom, or even an evening.

Quieten your soul to give glory to the God Who Thunders. Worship Him with beauty just as you are.

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