Dancing With a Review

I don’t normally read many biographies or autobiographies. I tend to lose interest in them quickly I have found at least from what I have picked in the past. I have read a couple of sports biographies, as well as a couple of comedians’ penned works.

IMG_8570But I was a huge Full House fan as a kid. I was around the same age as DJ Tanner, and felt like we could be friends. So when Candace Cameron Bure’s book Dancing Through Life: Steps of Courage and Conviction rolled around I thought I’d give it a read. Let me say I do not watch Dancing with the Stars right now. It’s not my cup o’ realitea. Never has been, but I know many who love it.

This book was all about Candace’s foray into that world of reality television as a celebrity dancer on the show in a recent season (I believe two seasons ago). She did however dance with the guy whom I loved from So You Think You Can Dance many moons ago when I watched that show religiously, Mark. The “Bleeding Love” dance…that’s all I can say.

This book is great if you 1-watch the show and want a ton of behind the scenes glimpses of the stressors you see on the celebrity dancers in the process, or 2-if you are looking to see how a believer who steps into the spotlight of celebrity life battles within constantly. For me it was nice to see that side of the struggle, to know that she wages war about convictions much like many of us who aren’t in the limelight walk out our faith too.

One thing that struck me on her book was the community she chose to be in consistently, how they lifted her up and supported her throughout-even when brothers and sisters in Christ were tearing her down for choices she was making.

Side note: Personal preference is different from Biblical standards y’all. Show love, be about His business and not tearing down one another, k?

There were times in her book where I felt she was reaching a bit too far to link up a Biblical context with the competition-but this is her story and not mine therefore she gets to share how she desires. I have to admit I went in thinking it might be a bit more than it was actually as far as talking through the competition and her surprising (her words) length as a contestant. I did appreciate the lessons she shared along that way that went beyond celebrityism, or being in a dancing competition.

One instance was how she needed an attitude change, as she became frustrated in the midst of the competition. My favorite line to now recall and apply in my own life is this:

When we are frustrated or discouraged or sad or anxious, how do we respond like Jesus did? (from Philippians 2:6-8) Sometimes we just have to choose it.

That one hit me right between the eyes, as I get the choice in my frustrations and sadness, in my despair or anxiety about how I respond. Do I do that as Christ would? Or do I live into the lies fed me, the flesh that so battles and wages war within? Do I respond like a slave in bondage that I once was, or the free child in Christ that I am?

A great lesson to glean from the book, as well as many more in the face of having convictions challenged, managing motherhood and submissiveness to your husband. I truly enjoyed the book and would pick up one of her other books as well as it allows you glimpses into the work of her life, what she is called to do by God even in the face of what many see as a sinful profession.


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