Piddling Conveniences.

Sometimes you just can’t get ahead. The last two weeks have been filled with busy. Good busy, but busy all the same. I haven’t felt myself physically or mentally and definitely didn’t feel up for putting thought to word-as most thoughts were on the lack of sleep I was getting or the growing list of to-dos.

Don’t you hate that? It was/is an ever-growing list and I fear as the holiday season heads into full swing that it’ll only continue to elongate and enumerate. (probably not the proper use of either, but I am tired and I just don’t have it in me today)

As I was relishing in a few moments of quiet, catching up on washing dishes that had sat for a day too long-yes I hand wash some dishes because I have nice pans and it’s therapy for me. I went to put the dish soap away and discovered quite the pond of water growing and bursting fourth onto my kitchen rug. Yep, there was a leak. There is a leak I should say because it’s still happening, into a bucket at present, very slowly.

It’s that garbage disposal, which thanks to my trusty sister whom I called at the discovery, which has a short life span. It’s a convenience we didn’t grow up with at our house (nor with a dishwasher…hence the therapy of handwashing now). But one that I have come to enjoy in my years of life in an apartment and now my own home. It’s the conveniences that get us though isn’t it?

We rely on things we didn’t realize we ever truly needed in an effort to expedite ourselves onto the next task, the next item on our to-do list. When that thing breaks down? Well then we are inconvenienced and frustrated, and all of our time we had stored up (or money or energy) is now pushed into this convenience that has become not so convenient.

Truly I think we have become a society of conveniences. What is has gotten us is a whole of busy accomplishing not much. My dad used to say he would be going to “piddle” in the garage. This wasn’t a synonym for using the restroom, but literally just piddling away time not really getting much done but nevertheless choosing it for himself. I think we are piddling away at life like never before without much to show of real value-better families, better communities, better churches and better homes. Instead we are harried, sick, tired, rushed, separated, alone, and combative.

While the garbage disposal breaking is one more thing on this list of mine, I must also see that conveniences can often lead to more hassle than they are worth in life. That I have to be intentional to foster value and worth not in the things of convenience but the people and relationships that can often be a bit too inconvenient and don’t fit on a to-do list. I’d rather deal with a broken disposal than a broken relationship.

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