Fervent: Prayer and a Giveaway

In recent posts I have shared about my prayer life (or consistent lack thereof) in recent months. Briefly I shared about the book from Stormie Omartian about the power of a praying woman. It motivated me in some areas that I just had not realized I had the power to pray in.

In the past I have also been focused on how to pray for your future husband, a very deliberate approach for single women (and even engaged or married women have used too).

Recently the book Fervent by Priscilla Shirer came out in conjunction with the movie War Room. This book specifically walks through prayer by bringing your perspective and focus back to a Scripture base. I know many have done studies or read books by Priscilla Shirer but this was my very first one. Often I am cautious on women’s studies because they tend to get flowery or fluffy with much of the content….or they put a ton of pressure on a woman to fit into a very conformed view of how a woman should act as a believer. (Cue my hackling up ready to defend my gender and my role)

This book is very different indeed. She challenges and speaks as if you were sitting together in your own living room. She says personal stories in some sections, while others she calls us out about how we haven’t been purposeful in our prayer life. She points out as well how we often don’t call the devil out on his junk. While we have some ownership in our prayer life I think we also give too much space in our lives to the devil and his foothold he will continue to grapple for if we allow it.

IMG_8358Priscilla walks you through particular strategies for areas of your life, with prayer cards situated in the back to use in each area. I appreciated that as someone who wants tangible ways to approach her prayer life. Much like War Room you can set up a prayer room at your home following this book as a pattern and layout for it including the cards and notes. For me? I am looking at doing the same because I know I cannot go into each day without preparing for war. The devil wants us thinking otherwise, that we got this in our own strength and in our own ways…when we leave our Armor of God at home tucked neatly away in the Bible we open only on Sundays or to condemn others for their actions without looking at our own through them. (One quote from her book directly linking to this: “If he can’t make us feel judged, he will turn us into judges.” BOOM)

In addition to the strategies, she provides a Scripture base in each area of prayer life that we need to be intentional on reading and studying, applying and using in prayer and in our lives. The one chapter that truly punched me square in the jar (I am still sore over it and keep going back to it even as I write this review) is the one on Your Focus. That one is something I haven’t been intentional in the least on praying about, for and on. It helped me to truly see where my energy, time and frustrations were being focused (on all the wrong things) and reaim my prayers on the thing behind them (the devil) with force and fortitude.

I believe this book transcends age group, life stage, and marital status. This book is for women seeking to take over and arm themselves in prayer with a fervency unseen in many of our lives. My book is bent back, marked up and dog-eared. Yours will be too once you get ahold of this. Do this study alone, or do it as a group. I know of one group study currently where women are coming together in droves to be intentional about prayer..and if you are reading this then obviously you desire that as well.

What is an area of prayer you desire to pursue more of? What is an area that maybe you need to spend more time with and could use a resource like this study? Comment below and on Friday, October 23rd I will give one copy away to a lucky reader who comments. Share with your friends, as I want this resource in as many hands as possible so that we can quit talking about taking on this war and instead get on our knees to fight it together.

7 thoughts on “Fervent: Prayer and a Giveaway

  1. My spare time and my thoughts are both areas that need more prayer focus. I heart Priscilla Shirer – it truly is liking she’s sitting in your living room talking over coffee.

  2. My prayer time has been focused a lot on my daughter and her family. They have been through some major troubles. I’m in the war room for them. I’m currently working through Fervent but would love her to have the book.

  3. I would love a copy of this book! The movie was life changing and it has changed my perspective on prayer. I would love to go deeper in my prayer life and I know this book would give me great “war strategies” for that!! 🙂 Thank you for giving away a copy of the book to make sure more people are praying fervently with focus! 🙂

    1. Karla thank you for sharing! I know it took this book to shake me out of my normal prayer time of a couple of minutes and then rushing on about my day.

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