Hating Sundays

I’ll be honest, I used to hate Sundays. Because it meant the workweek would be starting and the anxiety and stress of the job I had with it. My friend Jon Acuff has written on a similar topic before, and based alot of his advice in Start and speaking engagements around that same premise. I really started to despise Sundays because of it.

Maybe you’ve been in that spot, where the anxiety and strain of your job on Monday ruined you on Sunday. You were unhappy, miserable, fearful and worrisome. Maybe your work week starts on Sunday, or Saturday, or Wednesday and you dread it the day before. For the last several years I found that the pressure would build and I would just shut down on Sunday afternoons. I would find myself in a constant state of anxiety simply knowing the following day I would be in an environment of toxicity at my job.

Earlier this year, I found myself experiencing what my friend Jon mentions above in his newest book, Do Over, a Career Bump. It was unexpected, difficult and but ultimately the absolute best thing to happen to me since entering the professional career world. Recently I was reading a book when I discovered that what had been ruining my Sundays had a deeper cause than just a toxic workplace. In fact I had been making the job, my busyness and the stress of it an idol.

Yeah, something as deceptively good as your job, can be your idol. It replaced where my thoughts went, it caused undo strain on my physical and mental well-being and put itself ahead of God many times in my daily living. Now that I am with a new workplace I am intentional on creating it as my employer, not my God. I have to choose daily to not put it ahead of or in place of God in my life. There are really busy times, like the last full month, and there are quiet moments where I can see if I allow it, it’ll become an idol to create busyness, drama and stress in.

Just as I was called to my last job, so I feel called by God very specifically for the job I have now. The difference-one of a multitude-being I don’t hate Sundays anymore.

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