Grace Hoarding

Note: This photo is courtesy of Wikipedia. NOT my home.

I have a hoarding problem.

It’s not clothes, cats, or old magazines. In fact, every material area gets purged at least once a season in my home. I cannot handle unnecessary stuff in my house.

But within me? Oh goodness, I snatch up all the grace I can get and pile it up all around me like a wall. I gather and gather, without ever giving away. I act as though grace will stop coming, that there will come a time when I need it and it just won’t be there.

I never give it away…instead I choose to keep it all to myself in hoarding fashion. But grace is a great leveler. It reminds me that I need it and you need it. We all need it. In hoarding level amounts…daily. But when I hoard it for myself, choosing to not give it away to others, I am saying that God isn’t big enough to give more. That He isn’t Who He has said He is and that grace runs out. I am saying God just isn’t good enough when I write someone off or judge them instead of extending copious amounts of grace.

When I hoard grace, I make God look an awful lot like me. Stingy and self-serving. Full of sinfulness and not much good. I need His grace more and more daily, but I have to also recognize it’s freely given and I am not freely extending it to others. I remember the bad instead of the goodness, I revel in the judgement instead of mercy and grace.

It was freely extended to me so what right or privilege do I have in not giving it away to others? In the midst of hoarding I have discovered a valuable lesson…grace remains. It doesn’t rot nor does it ever stop being given. So today I will choose to give it away, just as it was given to me.

I will make known the Lord’s faithful love
and the Lord’s praiseworthy acts,
because of all the Lord has done for us—
even the many good things
He has done for the house of Israel
and has done for them based on His compassion
and the abundance of His faithful love.

Isaiah 63:7

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