No Filter Friday

It’s Friday. It’s a Friday that is starting a long weekend (and a hopeful “Bye Felicia!” to summer, cause y’all I am done with this heat).

I jokingly deem Fridays as “No Filter Fridays” around the office because at this point you are tired, you are looking ahead to a weekend, and you just can’t fake some things at this point. We get honest on Fridays.

So here I am, getting honest with y’all. I have been wrestling with two posts all week long. I sat for two hours on Monday writing, and then deleting. Writing, then deleting. Finally I gave up the horse and called it quits. Here’s the thing though…

I know I want to write on these two topics or I wouldn’t be ruminating on them so much. Something alot of writers or bloggers won’t confess is that this can be difficult at times. It can be taxing and draining. You drive your content and yes, we writers get inspired but often its the labor of writing that gets us.

So today you get a little no filter Fridays yourself with that honesty. I believe in transparency with you all. Hopefully that’s encouraging and allows you the freedom to have some honesty with yourself that sometimes it just doesn’t come together. Sometimes it’s not what you thought it’d be.

And that is okay.

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