Encouraging Men

“I don’t need a knight in shining armor. Just a good guy wearing the full armor of God.”

That quote gets at the very heart of many women’s lives as believers who are single. We aren’t looking for a man to save us, because we have Christ already. Many of us are independent and providers within ourselves.

Simply put, we are seeking good guys who are choosing to arm themselves daily in God, just like us. I may be speaking for a minority of single women in the church, but I have a feeling I am not. We desire to see you lead, Christian men. We pray over you and for you. I know many women who are praying, just like me, for our future husbands even now.

We are making that choice each day to surround you with prayers of protection, discernment, guidance and wisdom. Yes you can sweep us off our feet, but when you plant us back on the ground it’s on the firm foundation of Christ. Over the last many years of being in the church and being single, I have found we tend to congregate around the fact there are more women than men in the church.

Just recently there were whispers that “you can’t not get a girlfriend” by going to a singles Bible study. While part of me laughed, I couldn’t help but think it was true. But ladies I think we need to also take ownership when there’s a lack of men in the church, or even serving in the church. We can find it easier to sit back and bemoan that fact or we can start to pray for God to raise up men in the church, bring them in from the community to build one another up and the church.

We want the men who are putting the armor of God on, but are we putting it on ourselves in prayer for them? Are we encouraging and engaging them in a way to prepare them for battle? Are we choosing to intentionally pursue friendships rather than relationships with men in order to serve the church? Are we praying for the guys who are in the church now to be the men we want to lead?

These questions are just some of the ones I have had the last few weeks as I have encountered the reality that men need prayer and community just as we women do, it looks different and we don’t fully see it. But they need us to be watchful in prayer, arming ourselves with encouragement and support for them instead of backhanded jabs at “women doing it all” in the church.

True, we don’t need the knight in the white horse to come galloping in to save us but we do need men who are buckling up and strapping on the armor to go to battle each day for God’s kingdom. So let’s encourage them in ways that are eternally focused rather than presently-minded.

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